Don Thomas has spent his entire life outdoors. Although he worked for years as a physician, he has also been a commercial fisherman, bush pilot, and guide. He now writes full time; current responsibilities include serving as Co-Editor of Traditional Bowhunter,   Editor-at--Large for Retriever Journal, and masthead positions with Gray's Sporting Journal, Fish Alaska, and others. He freelances regularly for most national magazines that cover fly-fishing, wing-shooting, and bowhunting and has authored 20 books on these subjects with several widely respected publishers. Although most familiar with outdoor opportunities in Montana and Alaska where he has lived all of his adult life, he has traveled extensively in Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Siberia, and the South Pacific. Above all, he enjoys spending time in the outdoors and working with his wife Lori, herself an accomplished outdoors woman and photographer. Don's books may be found at www.donthomasbooks .com

     Lori Thomas is a well-published outdoor photographer, supplying hundreds of photos in support of Don's writing. Her photographs appear in numerous books and magazines including Retriever Journal, Gray's Sporting Journal, and Alaska Magazine. She has turned following Don around the world with a fly rod, bow, shotgun, and camera into a full time job after thirty-something years of practicing as an RN in rural Montana . She now divides her time between rural Montana and southern Arizona with Don and five dogs including two yellow labs, two German Wire Hair retrievers, and a Jack Russell Terrier.

Lori and Don Thomas

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